Friday, February 28, 2014

Repetition While Moving Forward

Today is Friday.  I'm still writing about Tuesday's workout. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be caught up. 

On Tuesday, I was out on the real track for the first time in a while.  It was just below freezing.  The sun was coming over the horizon by the end of the workout.  We had a group of eight out at the track.  There was almost no wind.  It could not have been better.

We ran mile repeats (or 1600 as the case may be these days).  I did three at sub-6:10 and a fourth at sub-6:20.  I would like to get myself back to where I could hold the sub-6:10 pace for all four.  It has been a while since I've worked that hard on the track.  One observation a fellow runner made is that it tends to be much more comfortable to run that hard on the track rather than on the treadmill.  I would tend to agree.  Didn't feel any muscle strains.  Did feel like I was wiped by the end of the fourth.  Although it didn't show up with any drowsiness at work that day.

How far did I run total?  Adding the mile warmup, quarter between each mile, and 1.25 mile cool down, a total of 7 miles.   That put me up to about 319.  And that puts me on Dewey Ave, US22/US40, on a bridge, crossing Wills Creek, in Cambridge, Ohio.  The path between my last point west of Lore and here included about 3 miles on a trail.  Pretty cool.  The Catholic Church here is St. Benedict--interesting connection as Pope Benedict XVI was the only Pope I've seen in person to date.

Mile repeats always get me thinking about repetition.  But since I am thinking of my virtual pilgrimage, I also think about moving forward.  So how do I conceptualize repetition while moving forward?

Two short ideas.  First, on Monday while at work, I had two conversations about a relatively new program in one of the sister schools at my university called Energy Policy and Climate.  Interesting course.  In one case, a Chinese university wanted to send some students to take classes in that program as well as classes in the business school.  In another case, a student was interested in figuring out how to combine his interest in finance with an interest in energy policy and climate.  Both of these activities are all about connecting dots in my professional world.  Two conversations is repetition. Both represent interesting steps forward for the schools and students.  And working with the leadership in the sister school represents a professional move forward for me.

The other observation is my nine year old who saw me reading a novel at a rather quick pace asking me why I like to read.  I could (and probably should) write an entire blog entry on that topic at some point.  But the short answer is to explore ideas (sometimes again and again, or the same idea dealt with by different authors) while gaining new knowledge and perspectives.  Even my blog writing represents that in some ways.  I read to think about ideas.  I write to sort out the ideas.  I write about a variety of things but some topics do keep coming up.  And when all is said and done, I have moved forward by working through the topics.  So perhaps my simple answer to my son should be "It's cheaper than therapy."  But the more complex answer is it allows me to explore and re-explore concepts that help me to sort out my own world view and how it is evolving moving forward.   

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