Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today's Short Report

14 miles.

About an 8:10 pace.

Nice new course.  Home to Lake to Bellona to Melrose to Charles to Northern to Roland to 36th to Keswick to Wyman Park Driver into Druid Hill Park around the Lake (right time for the sunrise but too many clouds and I did see lots of ducks on the lake) back out of the park, down Sisson to 29th, across 29th to where it becomes Exeter Hall and over to Loch Raven, up Loch Raven to Northern, across to the Alameda, left on Walker, the Chinquapin, Lake, Northwood, Cedarcroft and Home.

Great course.  Challenging second half coming up, particularly the up and down of Loch Raven.

Very much enjoyed.

Still looking for more opportunities to run with friends.

Not much more to say today.

My 227.5 mile total puts me still on PA-136 having passed Mingo Creek County Park, now if you head due north I would be just west of Pittsburgh, approaching US 19 and approaching where the Pennsylvania Turnpike takes a mighty turn for the north.  

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