Sunday, February 9, 2014

Noticing the New

So, today I decided to go out for an easy run.  Last night we had stayed out rather late having dinner and conversation with a dear colleague.

So, I slept till 6, fixed a smoothie for Sherry, tried to get the internet working in our house again (although eventually left that to the 17 year old), got the weather for Sherry from here to Boston (where she is now with Christopher to he can audition tomorrow at the New England Conservatory), and then started some coffee.  Then, I ran.

A nice and easy pace, a bit above 8:30/mile for five miles.

A course I had never run exactly before.  Up to Lake, across to Bellona, down to Springlake, across Northern, up Charles, across Stevenson, down Bellona, across Gittings, down York, up Hollen, across Yorkshire, down Cedarcroft, up Northwood, along Woodson, and home.

It was relaxing.

It loosened my legs.

What was new?  

Running that route with ice on the ground.  I've run something similar to that many times.  I've run it with friends.  I've run into friends.  But today, I was just alone.  Not a problem, but running alone is something that I have mentioned many times.  In some ways that is actually an old thing as my return to running starting in 2006-2007 began as a solitary activity.  But since 2010, I have been running so much with others.  Training groups.  Back on My Feet.  And many, many times with good friends.  

I still love to run, even when alone but it is not the same.

What else has been new?

Going to a professional hockey game.  Great sport in person.  So fast.  I have a much better appreciation for it now than I ever did as a kid. And in person is great.

Yesterday at church, I heard the organ and thought,"Oh, it must be John."  But, alas, I realized quickly how wrong I was.  I wrote about John a few weeks ago when he passed away suddenly.  New guy playing.  A little more upbeat. Not quite in sync with the cantor.  Definitely a different style.  Better or worse?  I'm not going to take a stand on that one.  Just different.

At mass the announcements were old and a few other things were out of order.  But Fr. Sam encouraged everyone to take it in stride.  And most people did.  Good humor.  Understanding.  Realizing how difficult it is to continue to manage the parish office with all the changes with John's absence.

And, today I taught the kids about the 10 commandments.  But it was interesting that in this chapter that I serendipitously had planned for today mentioned the first saint from Sudan whose feast day was yesterday and who was mentioned at mass.

Always new things.

Always things to ponder.

While I run.

While I drive.

And life is good.

Much needed day off from running tomorrow after running 61 miles in eight of the last nine days.  Although I would love to burn a bunch of the calories I ate today.

Life goes on. 

And I close with an update on my location at 232.5 miles: on E Beau St in or approaching Washington, PA, and getting closer to West Virginia every day.  

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