Monday, February 3, 2014

We All Need a Little Encouragement Sometimes

So, today I was running a little behind this morning.  Some work.  Some bills.  Some preparing for a work trip I ended up not making because of the weather.  And some looking online for school closures that never occurred.

Nevertheless, I ran 5 miles at the Y.  Each at an average pace of 7:30 for a quick workout on the treadmill.  

Up to 191.3 miles.  Still chugging west on PA Route 31.  It is a reminder that Pennsylvania is a long state east to west.

And, as I near the end of the first 10% of the year, I am in a great position to be on track.

Biggest lesson I realized since I last wrote--yesterday I commented on something religiously profound that Father Sam mentioned yesterday.  The link between the body of Christ held by Simeon and the body of Christ each Catholic holds in the Eucharist.

Today, I will comment on one of Father Sam's other comments.  He mentioned in several ways that people don't really know what they want or need.  Specifically, he commented that people don't know when to ask for help.  Himself included in some health struggles that he had recently.

I thought about my run on Saturday.  It was not bad--as one of my running friend pointed out.  I still ran 11 miles.  

And a lot of people run slower than I do on a slow day.

But I had two other running friends directly lift my spirits by reminding me that we all have days that we look on as hard days and one other running friend put up a similar post.  My one friend pointed out that sometimes we even have years we don't look back on fondly rather than just days.

I asked for help.  But only meekly.  I apologized for asking for help.

Both friends who gave me a lift directly said something to the effect of "that is what fellow runners are here for."  Vent.  Complain.  Let it out.  Get it out.  And then move on.  And don't feel the need to apologize for asking someone to listen.  "We've got you covered,"  

It is a reassuring feeling.

Of course, it doesn't just come from fellow runners.  It is a feeling in family as well.  

People you know you can count on when you need a friend.  

Love that old tune sung by James Taylor--you've got a friend.  

To close out, James Taylor leads to thoughts of greasy pizza before a concert at Penn State.  Thoughts of greasy pizza lead to thoughts of countless calories.  Thoughts of countless calories lead to thoughts of a celebration with frozen yogurt for Christopher's first two music school acceptances and a special hot chocolate when we got home for the parents to celebrate.  All those calories remind me I need an extra half mile to mile in the morning.  Thus I should get some rest.  Good night.  Tomorrow I will do some more miles on the treadmill and continue my virtual trek across Pennsylvania.  

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