Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Music

The songs for the mass on Saturday were also amazingly fitting.  The refrain for the opening song that was entitled come to the waters was, "Come to the waters, flowing clear/...where new life abounds/Live by the spirit, do not fear/God is here, love surrounds".  A total reliance on God.

The responsorial psalm was from Psalms 116 with the title God is Near.   It is a beautiful song that I know how to sing along to with a response of "I will take the cup of life, I will call God's name all my days."  Again, a complete reliance on God.  Interestingly enough being completely reliant on God was exactly what the priest who says the mass I most frequently attend at St. Pius X talked about in his homily on Sunday.

The Alleluia was sung as Halle Halle Halle!  It was an uplifting and inspiring version that brought percussion into the music for the first time.  It was incredible.

For the offertory we sung A Place at the Table.  This is one that I had not heard before but I was amazed at how fitting it was as it talked about welcoming everyone to the table (something that Jackie and Patrick do quite consistently in their real life behaviors) and bringing about justice and joy.  The work each does for social justice speaks for itself if you know the two of them.

The communion song was We are Called which I knew well enough to sing along to for the most part.  The refrain again emphasizing justice and walking humbly with God.  Another reflection, much like the first reading from Micah, of the need to live humbly.

The closing song was also one I had not heard before--The Canticle of the Turning.  (I am familiar with a song called a Canticle but that is the Canticle of the Sun).  In any case, it was a cool song because the music was different in tempo and rhythm from much of what else is sung at most masses I've ever attended.  The link I've given above gives it a bit of an Irish feel.  The way it was played at mass with a violin made it feel a little more like country.

The instrumentation throughout included several very strong voices, piano, organ, violin, guitar, bass, and drum.

The music was another uplifting part of this celebration of the start of what will be a wonderful marriage.  So much of the music focused on reliance on God, humility, and justice.  More great messages.  The music also reflecting the wonderful variety of diversity of music that is part of the Catholic heritage at this point just added to the celebratory atmosphere of the mass.

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