Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New Beginning

Today is the first cool morning in a long time.  I'm going to go for a run that I had not planned two days ago.  I had planned to actually sleep in on a Sunday.  However, after not going the planned distance yesterday and wanting to enjoy the weather, I'm headed out today.  Hopefully the cooler weather really marks a new beginning for consistently cooler weather.  It will make fall running much more pleasant if it does.

Second, today is the Sunday of orientation for religious education (or Sunday school and what we used to call CCD) teachers in my parish.  I look forward to meeting returning teachers again, meeting new teachers, and getting back in touch with this aspect of my spiritual life. It is an important aspect.  Where I am now is so much different than where I was a year ago.  From many more reflections on the Bible and Sunday readings to my tattoo of someone who is described as having energetically spread the Word of God. I hope to make the class more interesting for this year's third graders and a more enlightening experience for me.  I think I have the capacity.

Third, and finally, I'm going to go back to Facebook earlier than planned.  But with a new statement about what I do and do not want.  And a bit of re-organization of priorities.

Three new beginnings.  Nice to start it with a refreshing run.

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