Sunday, September 23, 2012

Embracing Franciscan Spirituality

First a very short entry this morning.  On Friday I was driving in the area of Baltimore on Madison approaching Fallsway.  As I was watching the road, I saw a rat running from the south side of Madison to the north side.  Without hesitation, I hit the brakes so I did not run it over.  When I pondered what the meaning of this might be and posted a comment on Facebook the director of the religious education program at St. Pius X had the best comment--that I was embracing Franciscan spirituality.

As I have mentioned, Franciscan focuses on the here and now.  Its other focus on reality focuses on nature.  A love of all of nature.  Rats are a part of nature too.  And I suppose it does show a respect for all life by choosing not to purposefully running over a creature that (at least at that moment) was minding its own business.

If nothing else, it gave me some interesting things to think about when it comes to how my spirituality is lived out in the rest of my life.   

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