Friday, September 14, 2012

Personal Vision Board II Part III: The Cornucopia

I have discussed the bread and the golden apple as the first two elements of my second personal vision board.  The third element would be the representation of the fact that I have been blessed with an abundance.

Born in America--an abundance of freedom
Born into a great family--an abundance of love
Given an abundance of academic smarts
Given an abundance of drive to succeed
An abundance of resources for living
An abundance of friends--some love to run, some love to run fast, some love to hear about all the good in my life, some like to tell it like it is, all are blessings
An abundance of interests--music, cooking, spirituality, academics
An abundance of love within the family that Sherry and I have created

The list could go on.  These are all blessings.  They are all important.  They are all things that if I did not have my life would be much different.  And it is for that reason that I would add a cornucopia to my personal vision board.

In fact, if I were an artist I would have the Golden Apple and the multiple breads all flowing forth from the cornucopia.

Three more elements of the vision board to go.  Those will come up in the coming weeks. 

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