Saturday, September 15, 2012

Color for My Tattoo

Short entry today--yesterday I got color added to my tattoo.  One more full visit after today and then a final touch up visit.  Yesterday the human figures and foreground were pretty much completed.  Next time it'll be the background.

It was a different experience than the outline.  And even Emily (at the end) pointed out how differently the color (particularly when some large areas are covered) stresses the skin differently.  More discomfort.  More noticeable.  But the end result was beautiful.

I won't post a picture until after it heals a bit.  The tattoo just looks better after healing.

In addition to changing the intensity of the experience from the first time when the outline was done to this time with the color, the other thing that was interesting was the range of topics of discussion...

Myers-Briggs personality types
Different ways of praying/different spirituality experiences
Taking kids to baseball games
Meaning of tattoos
Differences in priorities between spouses
Cooking & foods in general
Sunday school
Skin protection
How much the average American really tests themselves spiritually
How individuals use tattoos to "brand" themselves
Bread and circuses (a quote from the third book in The Hunger Games)
The creative process
The distinction between vision and implementation of the creative process

Interestingly so many of these tie together under one heading--self expression.  A critical aspect of life.  Something that I think very hard about a lot of the time.

Two and one-half hours of having a tattoo applied is a long time for conversation.  Having a tattoo artist who is also a very intelligent and thoughtful, spiritual mother of a five year old makes for interesting conversation and makes the amount that I concentrated on the tattoo itself a lot less.

I hope to post a picture by the middle of next week and will, of course, post a final picture when it is done.  

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