Thursday, September 20, 2012

Short Thought for the Day

The end of my post yesterday discussing how I would add a call for concentration that is similar to the strength and endurance shown by St. Sebastian was useful as a focal point for me yesterday in my running yesterday (6.25 miles in 42:15 which is faster than I ran a local 10K race last spring) and today (6x1/2 mile with each run in less than 3 minutes), and my work yesterday (focused and got a lot done).

After a great morning, all I have to say is the refrain of a song that we play in the worship band at our church sometimes:

"Praise the Lord with all your heart,
with all your mind and soul; 
with all your strength give praise."

So, once again today, I give everything to God and I lift my heart to the Lord in praise of a wonderful life and a wonderful day.

Enough said.

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