Friday, December 20, 2013

The Spirituality of Advent, Day 6, Week 3

I had my third day in a row without running.  I can't say when the last time was that I had two weeks in a row like that, but there are things that just have to take priority right now.  But I will run the next four and then take Christmas Day off so all will be well.  And I hope to get nearly 40 in those 4 days.

In any case, I haven't had a whole lot of time to think about running and spirituality as a result.

So, where does that leave my thinking?  Well, it leaves (or sends) hy thinking in a couple of directions.

First, I do know that tomorrow morning will be a chance to catch up with the person I train with for the first time in two weeks and she has had some stresses.  It is always nice to run with a friend and get stressful stuff off your mind.  Running is much cheaper than therapy and fits into the larger picture of an integrated healthful life.

Second, I wanted to make a long overdue comment about the Peabody Youth Wind Orchestra playing selections from Les Mis.  I still get chills up my spine when I hear I Dreamed a Dream and On My Own.  No exception last weekend.  Learning the music.  Appreciating the story.  Feeling what the music can mean all tap into something that goes beyond simple logic.

Third, I made it to see my third grader play the xylophone today in his class's performance of the nativity play in Spanish. It was so cool and he was so excited.  He is finally realizing that his actions fit into something bigger and lay the groundwork for bigger things in his own life.

Fourth, Sherry and I enjoyed an evening downtown with two of our three boys at a German Christmas Village.  While it was not very German it was a lot of fun.  And despite the fact that we had an invitation to a party this evening, the time spent as family was more important.  I had spent so little time with my family earlier this week with the crazy travel schedule I had.  

So, today is just a recounting of a lot of little things.  But each little thing is important in leading to a balanced spiritual life.  

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