Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Spirituality of Advent, Day 5, Week 3

Just last night I commented on what it takes to teach kids that they are part of something bigger in my frustration about my kids not doing the dishes.

Tonight, I will comment on a positive aspect of spirituality and joy that I have seen in my eight year old.  Tomorrow is the holiday assembly at his school.  We rarely get told much about what he will be doing at a school assembly.  Usually he doesn't care.  

But yesterday he told me proudly about the part he would be playing on the xylophone while his class sings a song in Spanish.  It is wonderful to see him find joy in something at school.  Something where he has a role to play.  I wonder as he still focuses on his part being the "hardest" but at least he realizes that he is a part.  It is not just about him.  And the entire class's performance will just not be the same if he doesn't do his part.  He even went running up to his room after his shower this evening taking something with notes on it and practicing the song.

Very cute.  And very reassuring that Sherry and I have done something right to teach even our eight year old that he has a part to play an he should make the best contribution he can by playing his role well.  And from my view of spirituality, a great insight for him that there is a "bigger" than himself.  

I can't wait to see him tomorrow.  And to get back to a little mandolin playing myself.  It is an instrument of joy with its very bright sound.  Whether I will ever be able to play that well enough to be a part of something other than my own amusement with that instrument remains to be seen.

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