Friday, December 6, 2013

The Spirituality of Advent, Day 6, Week 1

Today will be a short entry.

Many people have asked about taking the job that I have now.  I have called it being optimistic.  After this week, I may call it hope.

Hope that I can make a difference.

Hope that the school for which I am now a vice dean will improve.

Hope that I will be able to work with people.

Hope that students will get a good education.  And hope that my efforts will improve the prospects of that occurring.

Hope that I will maintain a good balance in my life.

Hope that I will succeed.

Hope that the school will succeed.

Hope for good mentorship.

Hope to be a good mentor.

The list goes on and on.  What has made an impression on numerous people around me is that I bring that hope to work each and every day.

I don't usually seem down.  I always seem hopeful.

I think that the hopefulness goes along with running.  Not that team sports involve any less hope, but when it comes to running, I am in control of my own destiny.  Completely.  I hope for a good run.  I hope to run faster than I did last race.  I hope to reach the finish line.  I hope not to trip.  There are many things I hope for.

Bringing the hope and demonstrating the hope and "being" the hope is not something that is necessarily infectious for everyone around me.

But people notice.

Pope Benedict said "One who has hope lives differently."

I am pretty sure he meant his definition of Christian hope, which I will comment on tomorrow as my last entry of the week.

But I say, regardless of where the hope comes from, if a person leads a life full of hope, others around will notice.  Others will be at least more likely to see a reason to hope.  Others will be more likely to find a way to hope.  Others will be more likely to believe there is something to be hopeful for.  

And perhaps the world will be a better place in some little way for as least one other person because I took the time to be hopeful and share that hope with others.  

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