Monday, December 30, 2013


The place at which we vacation has condos to stay in, a recreation building that is within about a 15 minutes walk (with lots of hills on the mountainside), and a ski area.  With only one car, I get dropped off at the recreation building near 8, do my workout, and then walk back.  Today I was able to do my workout, change into a dry shirt, put on a sweatshirt and a windbreaker, and then carry the wet shirt I'd run in and sweatpants while walking back to the condo in shorts.  Between wearing shorts, my tattoo, and walking along the side of the road where the is a shoulder but no sidewalk, I'm not sure what passing motorists thought of me.  But it is great to vacation somewhere that I can walk along in shorts after a workout while my family skis.  God made the world a very interesting place.  And being on a mountainside like this with the trees and the beautiful fog yesterday makes clear how cool God's handiwork is.

For today, that is all. 

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