Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reflection on My First Track Workout Since June 30--In Haiku

For the first time in
Far too many weeks I ran
An on-track workout.
To get to the track
I jogged over--and this time
I really did jog. 
So I was not sure
How the workout would proceed
When I started out.
In fact I had thought
That on the day after a
Strong progression run
I might not have all
That much to power myself 
Through the track workout. 
However the first
800 meters took me
3:03. Not bad. 
In fact I worried
That I'd gone out at a pace
Like a springbok when
I should have been a
Little more circumspect and
Gone out more slowly. 
Four additional 
800's. Each in a time
Of 2:58. 
Today was a springbok day
For me after all. 
Too much time away
From the track I so enjoy
Makes it hard to judge.
Long run. Track workouts. 
Different concentration.
Varying focus. 
In my long distance training. 
And throughout my life.
Focus can be good. 
But too much or too little
Each can cause trouble. 
A little focus
With diversification 
Works best in my world. 

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