Monday, August 3, 2015

Trust in a Training Partner

Trust in a Training Partner
Training partners
Have to put
A lot of trust
In each other.
Trust to wake up--
    in time.
Trust to do whatever else at home--
    in time.
Trust to leave the house--
    on time
Trust to arrive wherever you are meeting--
    on time
Trust to let me know when there is--
    a delay.
Trust to pick up the pace--
    if I have a hard stop time.
Trust to be conversational--
    when the run is the right pace.
Trust to respect the need for silence--
    if that is what the day calls for
Trust to listen--
    when I have a lot to share.
Trust to know when is the time to speed up--
    or slow down.
Trust to wait--
    if I need a pit stop.
Trust to wait--
    if I need to get some calories and am having a hard time
    with whatever I brought.
Trust to know which days--
    are for going all out.
Trust to know which other days--
    are for taking it easy.
And with time, trust becomes the sense
Of just knowing all these things
With barely a word
Needing to be said
While on the trail
Or on the roads

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