Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nourish the Truth that is You

At mass this past Sunday, Fr. Ray Chase used the phrase "nourish the truth that is you."  What an expression.  The statement was made in the context of a series of readings from the Gospel of John in which Jesus spoke on multiple occasions about "eat my body and drink my blood."  And the truth in this case had to do with what our Catholic faith calls on us to do.  Makes a lot of sense in context.

However, there is also a much broader interpretation.  When I think of nourishing, I think of making grow.  I think of making bigger.  I think of helping to develop in a healthy way.

When I think of "the truth that is you," I think of who am I really meant to be.  And, conversely, who am I not meant to be.  And not forcing myself to be something I am not.  And to truly pursue what I am passionate about.  What I am passionate about is the only thing that will truly motivate me to get things done.  I know that as a fact.

So, who am I?




Researcher--maybe.   Maybe not so much any more.







Team builder--sort of.

I know that researcher is something I choose to focus on less.

Writer--I wish I could be an even better one when it comes to things other than academic papers.

Team builder--I want to improve.

But all those other things are things that I choose to focus on.  That I enjoy.  That I am passionate about.  

And the most interesting question is, other than being a runner who blogs (sometimes in haiku) and who writes poetry and makes homemade cards for friends and family and who bakes for his training partners--what does this combination of things make me.  Do I have to further prioritize.  And if I do figure out what is the truth of me I should nourish, what does that look like and where do I find a way of nourishing it?

You'd think I'd have answered that at age 45 1/2.

In some ways, I feel like I'm only beginning to ask the right questions.   

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