Monday, July 28, 2014

Short Thought

Since I wrote on Saturday morning, I have run 5 on Saturday, 12 on Sunday (all 8:15 or slower for the first 6 and all faster than 8:10 for the second six), and then six today averaging 8:13.  I really do enjoy the precision. And I think I can say that despite the precision I am having fun again.  I will write more about running and fun later on.

The miles put me up to a total of 1225.2 miles.  I'm on Reece Rd in Eureka, KS on my way in my own virtual spiritual pilgrimage.  The nearest Catholic Church is Sacred Heart.  Right now the only image I can think of with respect to a heart is one of caring.  That goes back to what I wrote about Saturday morning--the love and honesty that a family showed toward a member who was taken from his mortal life much too early.

That also brings me to another blog.  In sharing my thoughts with the father of the family who had asked for anyone who had a victory in a relationship with another (victory in terms of bringing someone to peace) to share with him, I shared the blog entry.  His wife posted a link to my blog in her blog.  I am posting her blog here:

The strength of belief in family (and family for eternity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is strong.  Reading her blog will give some insight into how some draw strength in a time of bereavement.  Not everyone will find this a time to draw strength. Not everyone will find this the way to draw strength.  But I respect those who find the strength, have the ability and willingness to share it with others, and use it as an example of how their lives of faith and faith filled development allow them to carry on in the hardest of times.  

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