Friday, July 4, 2014

May There Be Words

May There Be Words
Word are powerful things.

There are times when I have used them to hurt.
The volume.
The tone.
The meaning.
And when they hurt someone else they ultimately hurt me too.
Emotionally and spiritually—and perhaps ultimately physically
As hurt is never something I look back on
And feel good about.

But most of the time I use them for positivity.
Talking about my passions.
Seeking meaning.
Cheering on.
Cheering up.
Healing myself.
Praying for healing for others.

For some of us words come as easy as does
Or dancing
Or visual art
Or other forms of expression do for others.

But for me it is words.
Always words.
Written words are easier than spoken words.
But both come.

Having the words come is a blessing.
Continuing to have the words come easily
Is an answer to my prayers for
Clarity and expression.

Praying that words will come for others does not guarantee they will.

But I know there are friends who need words
In their lives
Right now.
I pray they find them.
And that they fall on receptive ears.

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