Friday, July 4, 2014

Intervals on the Track--Multiple Paces in Life

Yesterday, I ran intervals on the treadmill.  I had expected originally to do all easy miles this week, but another seven miles on the treadmill at a constant pace was just not appealing.  Today, I may have to run the treadmill again as the rain is supposed to be nearly constant.  Yesterday's run was 2 miles warmup (8 min/mile), 3x1 mile (7 min/mile) with 1/4 mile rest between each (8 min/mile) and then 1.5 miles cool down (8 min/mile).  Loved it.  For my virtual pilgrimage this puts me still on US 54. This time in Osceola. MO.  Still headed west.

The intervals represent a change of speeds on the track or in this on the treadmill.  Life yesterday was a bit of a change-up from the several days before.  Although still illustrating the importance of little things and the importance of presence in the week that Sherry and I are spending together.

Afte rmy run, I made what has become the standard for breakfast this week--the yogurt parfait.  Although to try to make the yogurt last, I ate my granola and berry mixture with soy milk poured over it.  And to add some calories given my run (not that I needed them after dinner and desert the night before), I also ate some cherries and a banana.  We went to the same beach again (Brewster's).  It was cooler, less sunny, and less crowded.  I brought a Tom Clancy book to read.  We had the same lunch with one interesting differnece--Mr. Mallard was stalking us today.  The day before, with more children there were more choices for food. Yesterday, he came right over to (and even onto) the blanket we used and stood watching us eat.  Even tried to nip at Sherry's sandwich.  Odd.  We left just before it started to rain, although the rain was brief.

Back at the Windrifter, we had a not so busy afternoon.  Specifically, Sherry was a bit tired so she napped for a while.  That was fine as I tried to answer fewer emails and really treat it as a vacation day.  Ended up making it through more than 250 pages of the novel I started.  Will try to knock off as much as possible before I go back to work on Monday.

Then we went out to dinner.  This time to Jo Green's Upper Deck.  Fun.  It was a simpler meal.  Stuffed clams to start.  Just soda to drink.  Sherry got the a selection of fish.  I got whole belly fried clams which were really good.  The fritters they served were also excellent.  We were debating desert and I ordered a peanut butter s'more pizza.  It was about the size of a small tortilla with a combination of peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs spread on top.  Very yummy.  Divided into six sections.  I surprised our waitress by eating five of them (reason for a few extra miles planned for this morning.)

Then we came back and just chilled.  Sherry reading stuff mostly online.  Me making my way through the novel.  Watching a silly movie on cable.

A change up in terms of a less full day with more active and less active parts.  But still a good day, indeed.  

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