Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little Less Activity but a Nice Final Full Day

Yesterday, I started the day with 6.2 on the treadmill.  I had hoped to run outside, but it was still very wet and I needed to control the time of the workout.  I got started a little late and we planned to walk to town for the parade.  So, I "only" did 6.2  That still makes 37.2 for an "easy" week.  No complaints there.  And a total of 1084.2.  That puts me just on the other side of El Dorado Springs.  And I continue to run along.  

The walk to the parade was very pleasant.  Temps were much lower and little humidity.   The parade itself was fun--including the precision lawn chair drill team that did the "water sprinkler" routine right in front of me and Sherry where we were sitting on the curb of the street next to a beautiful Irish wolf hound.  Then we did a little more mostly window shopping, ate lunch down town at the Dockside Grille (both had excellent and frehsly prepared fish and chips), went to Bailey's Bubbles for ice cream and walked back.

Had a low key afternoon with reading and napping.  Dinner was simple--spaghetti with sauce and tomatoes.  We tried a New Hampshire Reisling we had picked up.  So-so at best.  It is hard to grow excellen grapes in NH.

Then a bit more reading.  Sherry got some pictures of the sunset and fireworks going off a night late.

The day was simple.

Our time being present together was incerdibly valuable.

We head home today.

Back to work tomorrow.

Other things take over--county fair, need to replace the Volvo, back to school in the not too distant fugure.

But this has been an excellent week and we will be stronger together moving ahead. 

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