Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Am Not a Fence Jumper--But There Are Some Barriers to Brek Through

Today, I ran a progression workout.  In the spring when I trained for the 5K and I did progression workouts I did them on the treadmill.  I got the times "exactly right".  But we all know that running on a treadmill is different from running on the street.  And running on the street it is much harder to run a progression and get the times right.  In the end, for this early in the training season it was fine to run approximations.  And it was nice to have company.  Those six miles keep me moving in US 54.  Total is 1097 miles.

I titled this I am not a fence jumper as this was another morning with no officer to open the gates for us at the Dunbar track.  My fellow runners experienced this last week.  And I have experienced it before.  And I have written about not jumping the fence before.  Last time I described it as a dilemma.  Today there was no dilemma.  I simply will not.

I have written before about what this says about me.  What I find interesting is that it is not as thought I follow and respect all barriers.  Sometimes I like to break through barriers.  I moved between schools within the University and try to enhance collaboration.  I have continued to try to build bridges elsewhere around the university.  I have tried to build bridges within the Business School between faculty and staff.  I have tried to help build bridges across organizations.  And even running itself is pushing through barriers every time I go out.  My own limits.  Running with others.

The key is to know which barriers to respect and which can be pushed through.  Which are worth pushing through.  Which should be pushed through.

Knowing how to balance that--as with knowing how to balance so many other things in like is critical to success and sanity.   

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