Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Weeks In--A Quick Review

So, over the past several years, I have started each year with a review of the goals I set in the previous year and the setting of new goals. This year, I did the same.

What I have not done in the past is to take time to review my goals after a short portion of the year and to assess whether I really can reach the goals I set. This year, at work, my boss suggested that I spend some time reviewing the working relationship with a new direct report just a few weeks after the relationship became official. So, it occurred to me that I should, perhaps, do the same thing for my goals.

I also was challenged by a friend to state the goals as if I had achieved them. This is one way to help to make it more likely I will actually achieve the goal later in the year. So, here it goes. Restated goals as completed with a little commentary on each.

(10) I have run at least four days a week. 

I have monitored my running very meticulously this year.  Looking from Sunday to Saturday as a seven day period each week, I have run at least 4 days in each of the first four weeks.  The goal now is to keep that up for the remaining 39 weeks.

(9) I have baked at least one pizza/stromboli and one other bread or cranberry sauce each week. 

I have baked a pizza in 2 of the 3 full weeks and I have baked only one thing other than pizza so far.  The extra was banana bread.  It was a very yummy banana bread.  I think I can keep up the pizza.  And I can probably make 52 over the course of the year even if it doesn't average out to one a week.  The goal of baking something other than pizza at least once a week will prove to be more difficult.  I will see how close I can come to making this a true statement at the end of the year

(8) I have done something artistic at least once a week. 

Thus far I have only one art experience.  Whether I can get anywhere near once a week remains to be seen.  This is likely to be something that I will struggle with throughout the year.  I am quickly learning that there are only so many hours in the day and with the many conflicting goals I have set I may  not be able to achieve them all.

(7) I have appreciated music more in my life. 

So far this has been primarily through singing at church.  I hope that over the remainder of the year I can have the opportunity to watch my oldest son play music and see my middle son sing and get back to playing an instrument at least once in a while.  But this may be another big challenge. 

(6) I have written at least once a week in my personal blog and once a week in my professional blog. 

So far, so good.  This is just a part of what I love to do.

(5) I have finished Decoding Spirituality—a series of essays I have written and strung together as a book—about the ways in which I have worked to find meaning in the numbers around me throughout my life and the insights this has given me about how others might find meaning. 

I am writing in this set of essays even more often than in my blogs.  So, I am well on my way here.  

(4) I have slept at least six hours each night. 

This is a part of my physical health that goes alongside the running and a part of my mental, social, and spiritual health that goes alongside all the other things I have listed.  So far, I have missed on three nights.  But my average is six hours.  We will see how I can do over the rest of the year.

(3) I have told people “thank you” not just at the big times (like thanking Jackie after my PR in Philly and Lauren after my two person marathon relay) but for little things

I have gotten better at this.  From saying thanks to my kids for basic things like chores around the house.  To saying thanks to Sherry for taking the boys places.  To having composed my first two hand-written thank you notes of the year for my colleagues.  

(2) I have stayed in touch with friends. 

I am trying to do this.  Some comes through Facebook. Some comes through running.  I am trying to make sure I have more in person visits to friends like I did after my race last year and more evenings out or lunches with friends in Baltimore

(1) I have continued to make family #1.

This one is difficult to measure.  But I have driven kids all over the place.  I have attended a hockey tournament.  I have spent time with my parents at the hockey tournament.  And I am making a point to spend more time with Sherry.  Lots to work on to keep thi sup.  We will see.   

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