Monday, January 12, 2015

Sing Together

For the second week in a row, Father Sam called on the 5:30 parishioners to sing out. He called on us to do this because it energizes the musicians. Then, they are no longer just performing. He commented on how all who are leading can tell the difference between feeling like they are performing and feeling like they are getting something back from those with whom they are interacting. He described it as setting them free.

The power of doing something together is amazing. I always get emotional when I hear everyone in a church sing. It doesn't happy all that often. But last night it did again. Not so much during the mass. But afterwards at another remembrance for Mark. With the simple words:

There is a lightThat can overcome the darkness.
There is no darkness
that can overcome the light.
While all this is well and good--what happens when you have people who don't want to sing along. Or more geneallly act together?  The power quickly fades. The light quickly fades. And there may be aloneness and nothing.  Or there may be an opportunity to take the situation head on, figure out what I can change, and make the changes so that the world will be a better place even with some who don't want to act together to make it better.  

That is where optimism, a clear sense of self, and a clear sense of what I have to offer become critical.   

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