Sunday, January 11, 2015

45 Times Around the Sun

Yesterday, Earth completed its 45th journey around the sun while I have been alive.  

The day began as most of my days do--early.  by 5:30, I was up.  I ate a very small breakfast.  I did some work.  I took one son to the zoo for his 8 hours of volunteer work.  

I went to the Y.  I stepped on the scale before I ran.  I ran 10 miles on a treadmill.  I stepped on the scale after I ran and I found I had lost between 2 and 3 pounds just running 10 easy miles (7 at 8:13 and 3 at 8:00) on a treadmill.  I got reset for the weight machines.  I drove home.  

I took a shower.  I made omelettes for an early lunch for me and Sherry.  The omelettes were quite good with provolone, capicola, and salami in both and onion in mine.  I took my ten year old to the bank.  I did some housework and had a conversation with my eighteen year old.  He and my ten year old sang happy birthday.  

I drove my wife and ten year old to the Eastern shore for a hockey game.  We kept an eye on the Ravens game during the hockey game.  After the hockey game, we found a restaurant for dinner.  It was a little more complicated to get to a non-fast food restaurant off US 50 than we had expected but we had a pleasant dinner.  Too full for dessert.

Completed the drive home.  Finished watching a TV episode I'd started at the beginning of the day.  And my day was done.

I received many birthday wishes.  That was lovely.  But the day was mostly any other day.

And that is a good thing.  Appreciating each day is critical.  Regardless of whatever happens.  I am alive.  I have my family.  I have many incredible friends.  There is normality.  And the presence of all in my life is more important than whatever event's anniversary is being celebrated. 

Here's to another year of contemplation and insight!

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