Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is How Long Runs are Supposed to Go...

The past two weekends I had sub-par long runs. This weekend--it went exactly the way that I wanted it to. And it is a great way to get ready for the marathon coming on November 23.

Here is my "run report". Most of us who choose to share about our runs usually write about our races as a race report. Here is what happened this morning. (You can see the link here.)

Due to some imperfect planning and a promenade along the waterfront of the harbor in Baltimore that is challenging to map perfectly we did 20.9. The last 0.9 was cool down. 

We began with a somewhat pedestrian (for us) 8:44. For the first time in a while the warm up felt important for the muscles. Cold is good. But also calls for care. 

Mile 2 was 8:23. Nice pickup from mile 1. A little conservative as the promenade along the waterfront has lots of turns, no guardrail, and was poorly lit in some areas-- we had begun at 5:30.  There were a few places this morning that if we had just gone on without looking (in the dark) we could have ended up falling in the harbor.

Miles 3 & 4--8:12 and 8:05. Were were continuing along the very level waterfront and continuing the nice progression to faster times. 

 Miles 5-8 were quite consistent as we settled in: 8:02/7:56/8:02/7:58. This was still mostly flat. 

Miles 9-12 were more uphill (gentle) and we began to pick up. All these times are 7-something: 48, 49, 46, 41. 

The next 4 took us up on some switchbacks into Druid Hill Park and around the lake with an uphill on one side (times are again in the seven minute range): 43, 53, 40, 34. 

 Mile 17 we climbed at 7:50. Then a flat mile at 7:37. A downhill mile at 7:18. And an uphill till the end at 7:28 (we arn up Monument and finished at Monument and Washington). 

 The 0.9 cool down was run in 7:25, so we eased way off (that is an 8:28 pace). 

The whole wokrout felt great. It was great to have company for the first time in sevearl weeks again. And after two weeks of poorer runs, this has helped me to return to confidence in long runs.

The rest of the day has been busy (and contineus to be).  Met my running partner's dog.  Got home and showered quickly.  Got a child to Sunday School.  Had a quick trip to the grocery store.  Home to walk my dog.  Back to church for pickup.  Chatted with Sherry.  Made her a smoothie.  Helped make lunch.   Made stuff for dinner.  Took my nine year old to lacrosse evaluation.  Now taking a quick break at home.  Wash more dishes.  Go to church.  Eat dinner.  And grade for a class.

While doing all that, my legs have felt good.  This is a good sign for the marathon in seven weeks.  

Between now and then the person I still have many miles to run. Much work to do.  And plenty of stuff for family.  The person I ran with this morning has plenty to keep her busy and as part of her job will be helping to run the Back on My Feet Baltimore 6th Annual Bash.  This is a wonderful event to meet runners from the community who have decided to dedicate some of their running to helping others and runners from the partner organizations who have been impacted by the Back on My Feet program.  This wonderful progam uses running to help with motivation and a personal sense of drive and accomplishment and provides services to supplement the programs of the partner organizations.  This organizations is in multiple places around the country and the Baltimore program is going strong.  This is a great way to celebrate 6 years.    

One other thing--on my personal virtual pilgrimage, I am now at 1698.9.  I am in Tucumcari, NM.  Finally off US 54.  The Catholic Chuch here is St. Anne--she is historically thought of as the mother of Mary.  This makes me think about connections over time.  Or, perhaps, I helped someone and they helped someone.  (Or examples of those who helped me and me helping others.)  I'll think about that more for a conversation tomorrow.  But the connections are fun to think about  

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