Friday, October 10, 2014

Contrasting Runs

Two runs since my last blog entry.  Each one was seven miles.  Yet they were incredibly contrasting runs.  The run on Tuesday was yet another outdoor progression.  I started fast at 8:10 (I was supposed to run 8:30) and brought the pace down so that mile 6 and mile 7 were run at right about 7:15.  That is good as that is supposed to be my marathon race pace on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I was quite comfortable with the pace coming down each mile, and I was definitely happy to comfortably hold the race pace for two miles.  I did find it interesting to note that when I first sped up from 7:30 to 7:15 I felt like I had to scamper just to make sure I increased the pace satisfactorily.  But within the first blog of running at that pace I felt much better.

Then, today, I was supposed to run 10 miles that included a track workout.  Sometimes for long track workouts I run to the track, run on the track, and then run home.  Today, I drove to the track and intended to run on the track with a friend.  Instead, after we circled the athletic field several times we decided that the officer who normally is there to open the track was probably not going to show up.  In fact, we found that the officer never showed up even after we completed our run.  So, it was good that we decided to do something else.  We agreed on a run down to the far side of the Inner Harbor.  A run with which we are both very familiar. 

The run involved splits of 8:58, 8:39, 8:09, 7:58, 7:53, 7:41, and 8:43.  It was all good.  We sped up so that my running mate could get the feel of running closer to what she expects to be her race pace in the Army 10 Miler this weekend.  And I felt good without over-exerting. 

The run was not what I had planned.  It was not as challenging.  It was not as fast.  It was not as flat. 

But it was with a friend.  And it was something that just felt good.  And since it occurred during a rest week, it was not something that I worry too much about not going exactly as planned. 

The fact that I took it all in stride shows how easy it has become to just deal. I didn’t feel the need to push much harder on what is supposed to be a relatively restful week. I know I can probably fit in a track workout tomorrow without disrupting the flow of my overall training.  And I know that no matter what else happens all I can do is work with the time and resources I have to prepare for the best run on one day.  And I just have to accept that.  And make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. 

By the way, that puts me up to 1712.9 miles total on the ear on my way to my goal of 2000 miles.  I have no doubt I will make it.  Now it is just a matter of getting there.  And I’m continuing along NM 104.  It is interesting to think of myself as being in the state in which my virtual pilgrimage will end.  What will I find when I reach the town called Truth or Consequences?  What will be the truth that is revealed to me in my life through all my activities?  What will be the consequences of all the running I have done this year?  How will I be better off?

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