Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Power of Positive

Today's title sounds like a self-help book.  I suppose that is okay since my blogging is essentially a self-help experience.  

Today, I will briefly share how far I've run the past two days.  Where I am in my virtual pilgrimage.  And a lesson I learned.  

Yesterday--5.7 miles. It took a good 3-4 miles for my legs to feel ready to go after the 5K on Sunday.  By the time I was done, my legs did open up again.  And it felt good.  That put me up to 843 miles.  That put me on the edge of the St. Louis University campus.  I have been on the St. Louis University campus once when I was speaking at Washington University.

Today, I went to the Dunbar track.  The group of us included 5 runners this morning.  The other 4 did 4x800 with 400 between each.  I did 1 mile warmup.  8x400 with 400 active rest between each.  Times: 87, 87, 87, 86, 84, 86, 86, and 82.  Two of my four friends stayed around until I was done the last 400.  They cheered me on as I ran the last four 400's and that really helped.  The extra six miles has me moving across the city of St. Louis on Manchester Rd.  

Now for the power of positive.  First, despite the race on Sunday not going 100% as planned, I just keep going.  That is positive.

Second, I met a new runner for the track group this morning. I gave her a shout out when I mentioned the four people on social media this morning after the run.  I could not put a link to her as I did not know her before this morning.  One of my other friends put a link and we became friends on social media.  Turns out she is a research dietician and we may have some common research interests as well as running interests.Thus, you never can tell what one quick mention will turn into.

Finally, I took time this morning to email the person whom I "raced" at the 5K on Sunday.  She has numerous mutual running friends.  I thanked her for the advice but pointed out how difficult it is for someone who has been running off and on for 30 years and who has been running constantly for 5 to change in the middle of a race but that I'd keep her advice in mind.  I also noted how wonderful it was for her to cheer on the women ahead of her and to come in third in both races.  She wrote back that she appreciated the effort to write a positive note more than I coudl appreciate as she is on a mission to give more positive recognition that society does on average.  What a wonderful thing to say.  She even said she would think of the experience the next time she did something nice for someone.

It is amazing how much a little positive recogntition to two people this morning led positive outcomes for all concenred.  What I need to do is to take the lesson about the power of positive into the rest of my life.  Not just my running.  My teaching.  My managment.  My research.  My parenting.  My marriage.  All parts of my life.

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