Monday, May 19, 2014


Quick report today.  Slow opening with the first mile over 9 minutes.  Then, I hit a downhill and ran sub-8.  I finished the set of 6 miles in an average time of 49:32 (or approximately 8:15 per mile).  Then, I did six striders for 20 seconds each with 40 seconds of active rest between each.  They felt good but running at 85% sprint pace made me work very hard.  Striders are great for preparing for a race.  It was a good workout.  It made me focus.  They make me think about an expression my boss used today.  

My boss today, in a presentation, talked about a three word phrase--focus, finish, celebrate.  I would think that focus, finish, fun would have been better for aliteration.  

The key is that running takes focus.  Running well takes even more focus.  Racing well takes an incredible amount of focus.  

Finishing is what running is all about. Some say it is about the journey.  That is true, to a degree.  I have never expereinced a did not finish.  But I really do believe that the journey is not how I see things.  I often say taht the hardest workouts are the workouts that I cannot do.  That started back in 2010.  And I would say that every time I have to skip a worout for reasons that I cannot control, I feel a bit down.  So, for me finishing is key.  I need to make sure that finising is just as important in other areas of my life and not just in running.

Finally, when I finish I libe to celebrate or have fun.  Part of celebrating is encouraging others.  Part of celebrating is sometimes claiming a medal.  Part of celebrating is just resting and realizing that I have finished.

I ran 6.6 miles this morning and have now reached 810.5.  That puts me in Marine, IL, at the corner of Pocahontas Rd & Duncan St.  The Catholic church in town is St. Elizabeth's.  Not far from where I am now.  

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