Saturday, May 3, 2014

Counting Blessings

Yesterday morning I did my local hill workout.  4 times up the hill on Overbrook between Regester (although it goes down a bit and the real uphill starts at Arran) and Sherwood.  Total 6.3 miles.  Total for the year 713.9 miles.  Puts me on E 1750th Ave (or E County Highway 6) in Newton, IL.  When I run the hill there I cross St Albans Rd multiple times.  St Alban was the first English Christian martyr.  Interesting.  I had never looked up the history before yesterday.


(1) The ability to run.  Just heard an NPR story about someone who was able to come back to running after a new form of treatment was developed for his condition.  I take it for granted.

(2) Running hills in an interesting area.

(3) Running hills at a pace that is meaningful (which I did yesterday) rather than all out (which is closer to what I did last week).  Better workout yesterday.

(4) Getting to see younger boys at their school's celebration of May Day.  Nice ceremony yesterday. 

(5) Getting to hang with other parents during the May Day celebration yesterday.

(6) The fact that my kids have four living grandparents--three of whom we saw yesterday.

(7) Ability to get some work done.  I find fulfillment.

(8) Final high school level orchestral concert for my oldest and his girlfriend of 3+ years yesterday.  Great concert.  I stayed awake the whole time--I've done that two weeks in a row now!

(9) Very nice dinner after the concert--sharing with my family and the girlfriend who has really become a part of the family.  Introduced her to Turkish food.

(10) The chance to help a friend in need after the dinner with a ride home he needed.  I'm lucky I have a car.  I'm lucky we had gas.  I'm lucky I wasn't already sleeping (as I often am at that time on Friday nights.)  I'm lucky to be able to help.  I hope that if I ever needed similar help some day my friends would do the same.  

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