Sunday, April 7, 2013


A Haiku about Choices
Those around me find
Some of the choices I make
Challenging to get

Why do I write this haiku?  First of all, I find haiku to be a useful poetry format.  No need for a rhyme but the ideas have to be put in a very concise format.  And I can play with some interesting ideas and ways to express things that may have multiple meanings.  This is not one of multiple meanings.  This is one that relates to the fact people have found some of my choices challenging.  Not that they disagree with them.  Just that they find them hard to understand.  Running a marathon.  Getting a tattoo.  The job change.  Going outside my confort zone on many things in my early 40's.  Why not just keep doing what I've been doing and know well?  And how does all of this help me.  It does not lead to much disagreement.  Just lots of interesting conversation.  With many people in many roles in many different contexts in life.

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