Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thoughts on Choices--Part 3 of 3

The first two parts of my thoughts on choices this week related to my reflections on Robert Frost poems  that could help me consider the choices I have made and will have to continue to make.  The third part s a brief thought on something that Father Sam said at mass on Sunday.  He was once again pointing to the new Pope's actions. He pointed out that the new Pope is apparently not into titles and simply prefers to be referred to as the Bishop of Rome.  He has done many things to demonstrate his interest in the community. He has reached out to the most vulnerable.  And he has called on the church to build community.  

The Bishop of Rome's call to build community within the church and for the church to reach out to the surrounding community in ways that it has not for quite some time is different in many ways from my efforts to build community within the place where I work, and yet there are still similarities.  Within the context of the job I hold, the students are effectively the weakest and most vulnerable.  And my focus is on building a community that will support them.  And as long as I keep my eyes on that, that should guide me to hopeful and helpful actions. 

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