Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All It Takes is a Little Yeast

I have loved making yeast bread for years.  I have written about making yeast bread for years.  I have thought about the symbolism of making yeast bread for years.  As I am headed from day 1 at my new job into day 2 at my new job, I think about the yeast I just put in my single-rise whole wheat bread.  It was just a little yeast.  The recipe is designed to only have to rise once rather than twice.  And yet the product that comes from it is good.  Sometimes in life all we need is a little bit of something to help an opportunity grow and it turns into something amazing.  Life is good that way.  Another aspect of this particular morning's single-rise whole wheat bread is that I put in chia seed rather than wheat germ.  I had forgotten that the last of our wheat germ was lost a while ago and I have not made a whole wheat bread in a while.  So, I quickly looked up potential substitutes for wheat germ online and found seeds to be one.  This should be an interesting bread.  It symbolizes not only the fact that a little starter can go a long way toward making opportunity grow but also the adaptability that is sometimes necessary.  

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