Sunday, February 26, 2017

Noticing Something Different

A brief running poem.  No rhymes. Not much rhythm.  But some interesting observations.  Maybe I'll tweak it some to get it a little more "poetry-like" but the idea is there.  I didn't get a picture that morning, but I'll refer you to another blogger ( who has a picture that sort of reminds me of what Lauren and I saw on the morning referenced. 

I run most of my miles between 5:30 and 6:30 AM.
During most Februaries that is a very cold hour.
When running in the cold, I focus mostly on staying warm.
In the year with no winter, I noticed February sunrises.
Especially the one morning with the deep pink
Reflecting off the bottoms of dark gray clouds
With just a little light blue at the horizon
Between the water of the harbor and the clouds,
Which I noticed while running with a dear friend.
Although the joy of running at sunrise is nothing new,
I’ve reconsidered the joy of running in February.
And I ask myself, “What else deserves a new look?
What else deserves a look with a different lens?

What else would seem different with a barrier removed?”

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