Sunday, March 12, 2017

Difference Between One and Many

Walking my dog around the block
We came upon a single grey bird
Who flapped its wings
And caught our attention.
Yielding just a glance to the side.
To see the bird rising almost straight up
Into the morning sky.

But the day before I was jogging
Along 30th street.
I passed by an alley and
My attention was drawn by a sound.
I couldn’t tell whether I’d missed a car coming,
But it didn’t sound much like a car.
It sounded a bit like a train.
It sounded a bit like a gust of wind.
Regardless of what it was,
It commanded my full attention.
I turned and saw what looked like dozens
Or perhaps hundreds of birds
Rising out of a back yard toward the sky
Synchronized and together.
Moving like a single grey cloud rising.
My full concentration on the group
Even if just for a moment.

The difference between one and many.

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