Friday, April 24, 2015

A Racing Meaning Poem

Being in the Presence of the Best

There can be something
That is the best
About every race—
Even if it is not
The time.
Of course,
Usually when runners
Speak of, “the best,”
They mean time.
But if a runner
Runs enough races,
It is impossible
To always
Run faster.
And even with a race
That is planned for months
With meticulously scheduled
Sometimes things don’t work. 
For some races,
I can see it weeks in advance.
Weather was bad.
Workouts were missed.
Life gets in the way.
For other races,
It is clear that morning.
Bad night’s rest.
Something eaten didn’t sit right.
Too hot.
And sometimes it is during the race
That it becomes clear
That it will not be the fastest.
But it doesn’t mean
That there can’t be something
That is the best.
And if I pick out
What I think
Might be best
In advance,
And think about
Being in the presence of the best,
Then the race can still be one
To remember.
Most constant pace—
Even if not the fastest.
Meeting other runners.
Helping someone
Who would otherwise
Be behind me,
By encouraging them
As they run
Alongside me—
Or ahead of me.
Or maybe smiling more.
Or maybe just
Taking the time
To take in the sights
And sounds
And smells
Of the race.
Doing this will ensure
That the race will be
More than just
A few random bytes
With a name, date, and time
In my electronic device.
It will be a story
I can someday share
With my children’s children.

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