Monday, November 3, 2014

Center It!

Two short words that are often shouted at my son's hockey game: "Center it!"  This is in reference to what to do with the puck from the side of the net to get the best shot.  On this particular weekend, it was also what I thought about as I prepared for the 5:30 Mass at St. Pius X.  When I was praying before mass, I thought that I should center my thoughts.

And then during the homily, Fr. Sam helped me to center my thoughts even more.  Specifically, he challenged the congregation to give some thought to death.  It was All Souls Day after all.  He lamented the diminution of the importance of All Souls Day in the American Catholic Church.  He linked this with the fear or saying anything about death.  Then he commented on how death could be "beautiful" like a child dying from something that just leads to tiredness before overcoming the indivdual and the child looks angelic as she dies to horrible deaths from Ebola or starvation or war.  

It got me thinking.  I've written about death before.  Whether I would be read.  Whether I think there is anything left undone.  What I would want to happen to me after.  What I would want the music to be at a memorial service mass.  

Do I have any idea how it would actually affect or impact me?  Of course not.  But I already have some idea of what people might say.  The things that I already see as part of my legacy are things that I hope would come out.  And inspire others.  And show how I lived.  And show that having a center can be an important part of a well-lived live in which one is loved, one gives love, and one feels fulfilled.  

"Center it!"  Not just running--but on the joy of giving.  

For the record, I did run 7.1 miles this morning and now find myself at 1895 on the year.  Just 105 miles to go to reach the original destination of my pilgrimage. 

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