Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Persevering--in Honor of NyAnn

Today I ran to honor NyAnn's spirit.  I ran inspired by NyAnn's spirit.  The freedom of outdoors.  Living to the fullest.  Never backing dow.

I left from my house and ran over to Regester headed toward Loch Raven.  First mile 8:04.

Second mile--on to Loch Raven, around the Mars and post office, and back to Northern Parkway to head more into the city--7:42.

Third mile--continuing along Loch Raven and onto Woodbourne--7:37.

I ran across Woodbourne to where it turns into Homeland--7:27.  

So far so good.  I was supposed to run 8:15 to start and get faster by 15 seconds per mile.  A little too fast to start but okay.

Then I ran across Homeland to Charles and turned north on Charles.  A good amount of up.  I could not get faster--7:28.

I continued north on Charles.  No faster: 7:32.

Then, I reached a much flatter area and thought to myself, I have a choice.  I can go for it or I can hang.  I said to myself, I am not out here just to hang.  I thought to myself--I am here to see what I'm made of and what I can do.  I thought to myself--persevere.  

So, I ran the last two at 6:59 and 6:55.

Then I ran home at 8:15.

I didn't hit the 6:30 I was supposed to and being stuck at 7:30's for an extra two miles was not on plan.  But I enjoyed the run overall.  I loved doing a progress outdoors.  I loved the challenge.  I gave it what I had.  I surprised myself by really pulling those last two down.  And I think that I captured the spirit that NyAnn lived out every day.

I hope to continue to do that.  Although I only know I ran past her once in person and I only followed her on social media for a little over a month, I think that she has a spirit very much like mine.  Live.  Love.  Learn.  Share.  Count every day as a blessing.  Always look on the bright side of life.  

Total miles--1506.  Just keeping on moving. 

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