Saturday, September 6, 2014

A few thoughts

Since I wrote last after my run on 9/1, I ran on each of the 2nd through 5th. The second was an lighter progression run (just seven miles). The third was an easy run outside. Then the fourth was another track workout alone--this time 9x400 with a goal of 1:27. This week I had a little more variation from one interval to the next but still pretty consistent without looking at my watch a single time as I rounded the track. Friday was an easy 5 and today was a rest day.

I like having a Saturday rest day. That will not always be the case, but it was good--I got work and hosuework and cooking done.

My mileage for the year is up to 1486. I'll be 73 miles ahead of schedule (40 mile average) by Tuesday. On my question to virtually reach New Mexico, it puts me still on US-54 in Kansas but continuing my march across.

This week, I have two potential story openings. One from the track morning. The other from the easy run Friday.

Track morning: On that Thursday as he came around the home stretch heading east for each of the nine truly ivigorating 400 meter intervals he was running, he noticed that the sky was different--Orion was not visible in the darkness and Venus was not visible as dawn approached, but there were only gray clouds seemingly sent by the universe to remind him of a tumultuous week. 

Easy Friday: After a relatively cool summer, the fifth day of September was the fifth hot and super humid day in a row; so instead is fighting the weather as he had in a race earlier in the week he adapted, as he often found himself doing in life in general, and just enjoyed the 5 miles of time outside listening, watching, and moving.

What these sum up together is that life isn't always easy and I have to do a lot of adapting. And while I am much more engaged with people than I used to be, when all is said and done, I still observe a lot.

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