Friday, November 29, 2013


When I talked about all that I am grateful for  yesterday, I realize that I am grateful for an abundance of things.  And, as importantly, the things for which I am grateful I tend to have an abundance of.

My life is characterized by a great deal of abundance.

This, of course, is not a bad thing. 

In fact, abundance, is a pretty good thing to have a lot of.

Except when it is ideas and I am not a person who stays completely focused all the time.  In fact, my graduate school advisor warned me as I was preparing to leave Michigan that the only problem I would have is having too many ideas.  

Well, I never worked in a single research area for a very long time.

I have lots of different ideas about what might make the programs at the business school work better.  Although that over-abundance of ideas is tamed in a different way than having too many research ideas is tamed since I have a boss who asks for reports on progress on a regular basis.

I love lots of foods.  And I love to eat lots of it.  And I have the blessing of having access to a lot, a lot of the time.

I have lots of friends.  I have a smaller number of close friends.  Having both an abundance of friends and close friends with an abundance of caring is an incredible blessing.

My kids take part in an abundance of activities.

I run an abundance of miles.  

I have had an abundance of fun and celebrated an abundance of positive experiences with Sherry over the years.

There is an abundance of places to run nearby--nature and otherwise.

One thing that I don't feel there is an abundance of is time--although the fact that I can carve out time to write suggests that there is plenty of time as long as I structure it right.

Another thing that I don't always feel I have an abundance of is silence.  But I do find time to think.  Sometimes driving--not exactly silent.  Sometimes running--near silent, sometimes just the rhythmic tapping of feet.

I sometimes feel like I could use a greater abundance of naps--or sleep in general.  Then, I wouldn't doze during the day.

And I don't have an abundance of tattoos.  Just one large one--I suppose it covers an abundant area of my skin

But as I think about the symbols and the stories that mean a lot to me moving forward, I would have to say that stories of abundance.  Having abundance.  Experiencing abundance.  Enjoying abundance.  Sharing abundance.  And not worrying about the things that are not abundant any more than absolutely necessary.   Those are the stories that I hold close to my heart. Those are the stories I want to share.  Those are the types of stories that I hope to help others to make come true for themselves.  

And that is why if I ever get another tattoo the cornucopia will be a central feature of the tattoo.     

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