Monday, August 20, 2012

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Yesterday, my family was back in Baltimore for mass and we had the priest we most often get to listen to--Fr. Sam.  The homily was typical Fr. Sam.  Energetic.  Challenging.  Many topics.  Of all the topics, I think I can focus on one--and just one.  That logic alone is never going to be enough to understand the way of living proposed by God and proclaimed by Jesus Christ when he was here on Earth.  Fr. Sam repeatedly related it to the young boy who at the beginning of the church's Sunday readings on the bread of life concept had offered his five loaves and two fishes when thousands of people needed to be fed.  Yesterday's Old Testament reading (Proverbs 9:1-6) and letter (Ephesians 5:15-20) both focus on living with wisdom.  Not with foolishness.  And wisdom goes way beyond logic.  Even keeping that simple message from yesterday with me as I move forward is a good message to take.

We also had great music yesterday.  And, Fr. Sam complemented the many decisions that our parish had made in the past decade including leadership not by a priest but by a pastoral life director and the music that we play--many of the same words as the "old hymns" but with new ways of singing them and playing.  Neither of those steps was necessarily driven by logic but by faith that in continuing to follow God we can find new ways to understand, new ways to relate, new ways to implement to continue to bring the word of God and the actions that should follow to those who come to worship at St. Pius X.   

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