Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Thought on John 6:60-69

Yesterday's Gospel reading in the Catholic church was John 6:60-69.  It is a reading that we have heard many times over again.  People complain about how hard it is to follow the way that Jesus outlined.  Then the text tells us, "As a result of this, many of his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him.

Even today it is not simple.  Some might say that in today's world it is even more difficult.  There are so many distractions from the way that Jesus outlined that it is even harder to follow than two thousand years ago.  More ways for a person to occupy his time and think less about others.  More ways for a person to spend his money and think less about sharing his  resources with others in a charitable way.  More ways for a person to seek to be happy instantly rather than looking over the long haul.

It seems like part of human nature to be selfish--but a part that I am being asked to overcome.  It is part of human nature to seek things sooner rather than later--but a part that I can control.  

The key to walk in the way of the Lord is to find a way to make sure that I don't lose sight.  I may get distracted.  I may take a wrong turn here or there.  I even may end up on the wrong path for a while.  But if I keep in mind what God has set as the way to live for all who follow in Jesus's path and I use that as my guide every day, I will find my fulfillment.  It is a theme I have reflected on before--giving my whole self to the purpose of my spiritual identity.  It is something I am sure I will reflect on again.  Fr. Lou (yesterday's celebrant) was neither the first nor the last celebrant whom I will hear use the phrase about walking in the way of the Lord.  But his use of it did help to make crystal clear in a simple way what the point of yesterday's reading was and gave me something to reflect on.   

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