Monday, January 16, 2017

Remembering Boston 2013

Reliving the Boston Marathon bombing
  through Patriots Day was challenging but cathartic.
Remembering trying to qualify for Boston—
  because I thought that was important.
Remembering registering—
  because I thought that was important.
Remembering planning the trip—
  because I thought that was important.
Remembering traveling with two runners from Baltimore—
  because running is about friendship—brothers and sisters in shoes.
Remembering the expo and meeting my future coach—
  the first being necessary and the second because I love to learn.
Remembering finishing in a respectable time—
  because I thought that was important.
Remembering finding the bus with my stuff—
  because that was necessary.
Remembering meeting up with my two friends—
  brothers in shoes reunited.
Remembering taking the time to gather stuff and change—
  because we didn’t want to be cold.
Remembering getting on the subway—
  because that was necessary.
Remembering the first news as we were on the T—
  because it forever changed my running.
Remembering sending a brief message home—**I’m okay**.
Remembering posting to social media—**I’m okay**.
Remembering the chaos of being forced off the T—
  because of the uncertainty.
Remembering the chaos of the emergency vehicles
  headed on streets headed toward the finish line.
Remembering the crowd at the hotel
  staring at the TV in the lobby in disbelief.
Remembering the adrenalin as we drove back—
  because we all wanted to see our families.
Remembering the black SUVs on the high speed roads—
  because they wanted to solve the mystery.
Remembering hearing that an eight year old
  had died in the bombing—my youngest son was eight.
Remembering the pain of knowing that someone
  had lost their eight year old.
Remembering the uncertainty for days—
  because I was scared and angry.
Remembering the feeling of “runners will be strong”—
  because I wanted to be defiant.
Remembering to hug family and friends more tightly—
  because that is what truly matters.
Remembering my first professional trip back to Boston—
  because I was so emotional.
The movie put the human cost in stark relief.
I continue wondering why people ever do this to each other.
Pondering whether I will ever want to run it again—
  because I’m not sure it is important for me.
Knowing that I will keep on running, whether Boston or not—
  because running promotes life and love.