Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Joys of Just Being Outside

This morning, I woke up feeling like crap.  Maybe it was too much Sharpie fumes.  Or maybe it was the beer tasting dinner last night.  Or maybe the build up of a year of stuff with not enough sleep and lots of stress as I prepare to head into 2017.  But whatever it was, it took me some time to convince myself to go for a run this morning.  

My biggest thought--I'm not going to let one crappy wake up ruin my chance at hitting 2300 miles on the year with just three mornings left after this one and at least one travel day on which I won't run.

So, I put on my gear (today just one cold gear layer top and bottom, some gloves, and a hat I ended up not needing) and I took off.

I ran a shorter distance than any other since arriving at the mountain (5.5 miles).

Along with the shorter distance there was less elevation gain.

And it was the slowest run this week by far (even slower than my Christmas Day half marathon distance).  

But I was in the cool morning air.  I could see the sun.  And I was exerting myself.  

It felt good.

I am truly blessed to have a week of much running and much creativity to recharge.

One of the goals for next year will be to work smarter so I can get some more rest time all year long.  As well as to keep running and enjoying the amazing feeling of being alive.  

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