Sunday, November 20, 2016


On a moderately chilly November morn’
We started the day with another run
In long-sleeved shirts to keep warm
Before the rising of the sun.
We began as usual headed toward the west
Approaching where the sky remained so dark
Up the hill called Baltimore Street
On the north side of Patterson Park.
But as we continued around the loop
That our friend introduced when the track shut down
We eventually came back around headed east
To see the sunlit side of town.
As we ran along Boston Street
The horizon showed shades of pink, orange, and red
And with the light wind blowing over the harbor
The water shimmered silver up ahead.
Reflecting the sky and the buildings on shore
Showing the beauty of the city we love
Then we turned north away from the water
As the light grew in the blue sky above.
We left the reflections on the water behind
But we live out reflections every day
Reflections of those who’ve mentored us
Reflections of what’s mattered along the way
Reflections of how we were taught to listen
Reflections of how we were taught to care
Reflections of how we were taught to give
Reflections of how we were taught to be there.
Reflections of what makes us who we are,
How we live with purpose for others around
Reflections of the best we have to offer
Love, faith, and beauty.  Sight and sound. 

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