Sunday, January 17, 2016

Old School Church

Today, I managed to get to mass even during Daniel's hockey tournament.  I had debated how much effort to make, but while eating breakfast, another parent pointed out that she was headed to mass with her son at a church that was only a little over a mile from the hotel and the Catholic guilt set in.

The mass made a big impression on me as it was very "old school".

First, they still had bells to ring during the Eucharistic prayer.  With three altar servers, this made a lot of noise. I thought back to the only reason I ever really wanted to be an altar server.  It would have been cool to ring the bells back in the day.

The deacon read the homily.  Easy to follow as it was just "first reading, second reading, Gospel" one right after another.  But it was pretty boring.

The piano music was slow.

But it is a reminder of the many different styles of worship one finds in the Catholic church.  Each serves its community.  And each is welcome.

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