Monday, November 9, 2015

Give What You Need Most

Yesterday in the Catholic church there were two readings focusing on widows giving.  In one case, the widow was asked to have faith that after preparing s small cake for one of the prophets that she and her son would have enough flour and oil and they did for a year.  The second was a woman who gave just two coins at the temple and Jesus described her as giving more than anyone else that day.  The priest interpreted the combination of two Bible readings (Old Testament and Gospel) as providing insight that we should give what we most need. 

That is an interesting concept as sometimes we don’t have any of what we most need so that would basically be impossible.  But there are times when we have a little of what we need and we are just thinking we need more.  The idea is that in cases like that giving away at least some of what I have can help to generate more.  Life is not a zero sum game.  Some of that is faith. Some of that is the reality of what happens when people come together with good intentions and pool resources.  And sharing is the start of pooling to make something better.

Yes, the story of the widow and the flour and jug of oil is a miracle by any definition.  But I think that it is a lot more than just miracles.  It is about the way life can work if we trust.  It is about how things happen if there is a positive attitude.

I really like the concept that when we give away a little of what we have little of we can turn it into more.  I think of the following.  Not money.  But many other things that matter to me.  

More love.
More mentoring.
More networking.
More connections.
More spirituality.
More happiness.
More encouragement.
More friendship.

More goodness.

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