Monday, October 12, 2015

More About the Marathon...

I did not anticipate that the marathon I ran on Saturday was going to be a super moving event in my running life.  However, as with so many things, it took me by surprise.  Tonight, let me mention a few tidbits that I did not put in my first blog entry.

(1) The temperature for the race was awesome.  When we got to the starting area it was the right temperature for a sweatshirt or windbreaker and shorts.  I parted with my sweatshirt before Lauren parted with her windbreaker.  She was "slow to commit" to being just in a singlet.  But less than a mile or two in it was plenty warm enough.  And the temp never went above mid-60's so it was a day where after the race was not shorts and t-shirt weather.  That is about perfect for a marathon.  Maybe 5-10 degrees colder to start.  But I'd take that set of temps just about any day.

(2) We really did spend a lot of time watching people.  Running can be a lot of fun in terms of people watching.  Other runners.  Some ahead of us.  Some we caught.  Some passed again later.  But it was all good.  And people watching gives runners something to talk about.  A way to pass the time on a 3+ hour adventure.

(3) Lauren did say that while she was able to keep up, having me to run with made her faster.  I wasn't too far ahead, although in the picture below it looks like I'm a step or two ahead already.  The bridge was just not made for two across plus walkers, who were there as it is a public trail.

PA Sports Lens: Full Marathon Harpers Ferry Bridge &emdash;

(4) Coming back to watching, one thing that was interesting to watch was people going around some of the puddles on the trail near the river.  There was one big puddle at which everyone in a group of four before us went left.  I went right.  I wasn't sure whether we would split at the puddle or not.  But we both went right.  Decided that people just tend to go with whatever the leader in the group does.  Human nature.

(5) It is fun to think of the series of runs we have shared.  The picture below shows a team trophy with the award that came with this race.  The trophy has a picture from the Father's Day 2015 race behind it.  Lots of miles as a team.  That's what friendship is built on.

So far, I haven't run again yet.  I expect to sit tight for one more day and then run on Wednesday.  Life is good.  

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