Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Days Everything Just Goes Right..And Other Days...

Yesterday, was a day for my running when everything did not go right.  I would not go so far as to say that everything went wrong, but it was not one of my better runs.  As I commented yesterday, I got everything from comments about looking miserable to friends telling me they know I would be back.  And I am realizing that with enough running days over enough running years, there are going to be some days that just don't turn out the way I expect them to.

That was yesterday.
And today life goes on.
You won't find me in yesterday's world
Now yesterday's gone.  [To quote Foreigner.]

Yes, I came back one day later with a running friend whose side I have run by for four years.  Someone with whom I have had really good days.  And someone who has seen me struggle on multiple occasions.  Someone I have seen at her best in running.  And someone whom I have seen struggle.  Not usually so much on our runs--but from sitting out for weeks or months at a time after injury or from her missed race last fall.

We have both had great days.

We have both had struggles.

And we have each had to deal with the reality of how hard training does or does not fit into our lives.

With that said, she told me even yesterday morning not long after my race that she was sure I'd get my pace back.  I told her I was not sure if I could hold anything close to our usual training pace today.  She told me just relax.

So, we met at the Safeway on Boston Street in Canton, and headed out for our run.  Five miles over to Fort McHenry staying mostly on the roads on the north side of the Harbor and then 6.4 miles on the return by hugging each peer as much as possible.

We ran the first three miles above 8:00/mile including the first mile at a very easy 8:50.

But then we settled in.  We ran 7 miles in a row under 8:00.  The 11th mile was just over 8:00 and I think that was only because we missed a turn away from the peer and had to get over a 4 foot wall at one point--never a dull moment for us.

The temperature was in the 60's.  We started just after sunrise and there were long shadows from the tall buildings on the north side of the harbor that gave us shade for much of the way.  There was an ever so slight breeze coming off the water that was not so hard that we had to fight it but that was just enough to cool us off.

It was a close to a perfect morning as you could get without being about 10 degrees cooler.

And running with someone with whom I have developed a comfortable pace of around 8:00/mile--sometimes a little faster and sometimes a little slower--after four years of running stride for stride made it easy as well.  It was just a matter of going out and doing what I know, what I have learned to do, and what I enjoy doing

Plus, my friend who had listened to me struggle two weeks ago at my last run that long, told me I just sounded much better.

So, it was all good.  And some days are like that.  Those are the easy days.

The key is to remember on the days that are not so good that there are better days ahead.   

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