Monday, February 16, 2015

Community Standards

A final thought from yesterday.  If the players were adults, the coaches were adults, the refs were adults, and all the people in the stands were adults and the refs chose to ignore what was going on in the stands, I think I'd say, "So what."  However, with kids on the ice and in the stands, I think the refs ultimately have to uphold community standards.  Obviously, someone has to decide what community standards are.  And I'm not sure even the most well meaning set of parents would agree as I've heard some pretty strong language in front of kids on public transit over the years.  

However, without some agreement and some enforcement, youth sports parent craziness will only get worse. 

And if that happens I can't imagine what it will be like someday when I go to see any grandchildren we might end up with play some day.  

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